Congratulations to you both! Becoming engaged is such an incredible feeling of love and happiness, but soon after this initial feeling of joy the next phase begins: the wedding planning process! What do you do next?! It can be a little overwhelming, but with a few guidelines you’ll be your best planner!

The first step in the wedding planning process is open communication with your families. Discuss the wedding budget with those involved and decide the roles and responsibilities before you get started. Trust me, this step sets you up for success from the beginning.

The next step of your wedding planning process is to define your wedding budget. Do not begin searching for your wedding venue/s until you’ve defined your budget considering your wedding style. The biggest mistake I’ve seen over the years are couples that lock into a venue before knowing their budget. When this happens, it’s similar to a domino effect: you’ve began the process over budget which leaves little funds for your remaining wedding details. Having this solid budget will be your guideline over the months leading up to your wedding day!

It can be a challenge trying to outlining these first two steps of your wedding planning process, and it can be especially overwhelming with the enormous amount of information on the www. If you do need help with these first two steps, there are wedding experts out there ready to assist. Of course, we are just a call or email away and we are happy to discuss and paint a clear picture for you both!

Stay tuned for additional steps in the planning process!

Bride & Groom: Stephanie & Anthony, married summer 2016